Geoff Dick

Web Designer and Developer

Based out of the Bow Valley in Canmore, Alberta, I design and develop custom websites and web applications for businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone else with a vision. Let's Chat

Why work with me?

Modern Frameworks and Technologies

Coded using the latest versions of modern frameworks such as Astro, Vue.js and Tailwind CSS, and developed with evolving best practices, my products provide tailored and responsive experiences for your visitors, reliably.

A Need for Speed

With devices and internet speeds getting faster and faster, slow websites are becoming more and more noticeble to end users. By building websites from the ground up, I can cut the chaff and deliver the information your visitors are looking for, quickly.

Truly Custom Design

Website builders can only get you so far before you run into the limitations of their themes and design. And overcoming those limitations often requires plugins and add-ons which can degrade performance and conflict with other features.

By starting with a blank slate, we can work together to create something truly custom, designed just for you.

Privacy Compliant Analytics

Privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are becoming increasingly commonplace as governments begin to recognize the importance of online privacy and anonymity.

However, what’s also important is your access to critical website analytics. I take care of the complexity and nuance and offer privacy law compliant analytics, ensuring that you get the statistics you need, worry-free.

Accessibilty in Mind

Each visitor to your website is unique, and some have unique needs, an often overlooked aspect of web design. Every step of the way, I have accessibilty in mind, ensuring access to your website, inclusively.